WEATHER PERMITTING, leaf collection will continue into 2019.  The Greenhills Service Department and Village will update residents when leaf collection will end.

Please remember the Leaf Truck makes ONE pass per street per week ONLY for loose leaves.  No branches or brush can be mixed in with the leaf piles!  

Some important reminders:

  • Do not rake leaves into the street or storm sewers as it causes flooding.
  • Raked leaves must be in between the street and sidewalk for the leaf truck to be able to pick-up.
  • Do not rake twigs, branches, rocks, bottles, litter or paper in with leaves. Mixed piles will not be picked up as these items can clog and damage the leaf machine causing considerable delay to leaf collection.
  • Avoid parking in front of large piles of leaves. It is difficult for the crew to work around parked cars and slows leaf collection.  Situate leaf piles away from trees, sign posts and hydrants in order to speed collection.
  • Alternatively, Rumpke will pick up bagged leaves with normal garbage pick-up
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