Start making your plans now for another grass mowing season.  The growth season starts fast and your lawn can exceed 8 inches in length in no time at all! 

Winter can be rough on your homes and garages, pulling gutters down, rotting soffits, chipping paint, etc.  Check your properties for these issues and plan to address them so you can prevent damage to your homes.  Early spring is the time when friendly reminders will go out from Code Enforcement on issues such as these.

We are having a lot of trailers parking on the streets. This is not permitted – regardless of whether they are hitched or unhitched.  If you own one of them, please move it to an appropriate location.

Garbage violations continue to be a daily issue throughout the Village. PLEASE be mindful of when you are putting things out for collection! Place items in the planting strip / at the curb no sooner than Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm for collection on Wednesday.  ANY items left in these areas at any other time will be collected and you will be charged for that collection.  Empty garbage cans will be collected as well.

Between collection days, please store y

our garbage in proper containers with tight fitting lid out of public view. Check out some options for screening your garbage cans by searching "Screening Options" on this website. 


In residential zoning districts you cannot park or store on private property:

  • trucks, construction equipment, or other vehicles of a business or industrial nature that exceeds twenty-two (22) feet in length or seven and one half (7½ ) feet in height
  • any passenger van exceeding twenty-two (22) feet in length, step van or chassis
  • semi-trailers or tractors
  • tow trucks, box trucks or dump trucks.
  • Only 1 boat, trailer, RV or mobile home may be parked in a residential district and it must be on a paved surface.

You cannot park or store on the street or other public property:

  • trailers (hitched or unhitched), 
  • semitrailers longer than eighteen feet
  • a one-half ton or larger truck.



Mr. David Moore 

Mr. Jeff Halter
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Ms. Natashia Metz
Ms. Jennifer Osmanoglu


Village Administration
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