Greenhills has completed a rainwater harvest project that collects water behind the shopping center, reducing the flow into the golf course.  Signs explaining the improvements have been erected and we hope you will take the time to look at them.  Also, as part of this project, rainbarrels have been installed to capture water that runs off the Market Stand roof. Not only do these rainbarrels serve a purpose, but they are also intended to be educational for a homeowner who may be wanting to install something similar. 

This year, Greenhills will be constructing public restrooms near the picnic shelter and golf course. Check back for details.  

Greenhills will be applying for funding the Winton Road Phase III Road Improvement Project.  This will be the final phase and will include the length of Winton between the intersections of Ingram/Damon and Farragut/Cromwell. New traffic signals and poles will be included in this project, as well as a median strip that will be planted with trees! Check back for more details that will be provided as they become available.  

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