The love of gardening starts by planting a seed!  

WHO:         Any Greenhills gardeners, or future gardeners, under the age of 18 can participate.

WHAT:       Find any plant seed that you think you would like to grow.  Plant the seed either directly in the ground or in a container. Document it’s growth by taking a picture of it each week. Send in your photo journal by June 1st to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WHERE:     In your yard, choose a planting spot or a location for your container that receives 6-8 hours of full sun per day.  If you use a container, be sure the pot has drainage holes. 

WHY:         Grow a strong, healthy plant and you may win a gift certificate from a local store or restaurant!  There will be four $25 1st Place winners, four $15 2nd Place winners and four $10 3rd Place winners! 




WHO:         Any Greenhills gardener, 18 years of age or older, can participate.

WHAT:       Plant a new garden, spruce up an existing garden, or make a container garden!  Document it’s growth by taking a picture of it each week. Send in your photo journal by June 1st to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WHY:         Grow a beautiful garden and you may win a gift certificate from a local store or restaurant!  There will be four $25 1st Place winners, four $15 2nd Place winners and four $10 3rd Place winners! 







The first draft of the summer Concerts on the Commons is now available. Click here to download your copy! 







Saturday, October 3rd


This year’s HARVEST FEST will once again take place on the beautiful Greenhills Commons!  With more space and better visibility, we are anticipating a nice crowd!

This fun-filled day of family-friendly activities will start with a 5K Run, followed by a Pooch Parade, Kids Parade and HARVEST FEST. There will be wagon rides, live music, a beer garden, food, booths, games, crafts, demonstrations, pumpkins and more!

Vendors may choose from 3 time options for operating your booth at HARVEST FEST!  To participate, simply complete and submit the Vendor Application Form with your fee to the Village of Greenhills, 11000 Winton Road, 45218. All forms and fees must be received by Friday, September 18, 2020.  

The on-line version of the Village of Greenhills' Codified Ordinances is updated on a quarterly basis and reflects prior years' legislation.  Below you will find legislation approved by Council in 2016 and 2015.

2016 Ordinances and Resolutions


2016-O01-LR  Amending Code Section 301.51 regarding vehicles

2016-O02-LR  VOID

2016-O03-LR  amending Code Section 505 related to vicious and dangerous dogs

2016-O04--LR  Amending Section 311.01 regarding obstructions in streets

2016-O05-CD  Establishing CRA #2

     Exhibit A & B

2016-O06-L&R Adding Section 553.09 to the Greenhills Code regarding removal of dead or dangerous trees




2016-R01-F           Supplemental appropriation

2016-R02-F           Requesting tax advances from the County

2016-R03-SS         Authorizing assessments

2016-R04-F           Supplemental appropriation

2016-R05-F           Requesting info regarding an operating tax levy renewal

2016-R06-F          Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers

2016-R07-S&S      Authorizing purchase of a bucket truck

2016-R08-S&S      Crack sealing and microsurfacing portions of Burley Circle 

2016-R09-RC        Amending the 2016 Fee Schedule

2016-R10-L&R      Forwarding proposed zoning text amendments to Planning Commission for consideration

2016-R11-L&R      Approving the filing of an application with NatureWorks 

2016-R12-F          Supplemental appropriation

2016-R13-F          Accepting the 2017 Tax Budget

2016-R14-F          Declaring it necessary to levy a tax for General Operating expenses

2016-R15-F          Establishing salaries for certain Village employees

2016-R16-L&R      Authorizing a lease with Catering Adventures, dba Destinys Catering

2016-R17-S&S      Authorizing an application to OPWC for Winton Road Phase 3

2016-R18-F          Supplemental appropriations   


2015 Ordinances and Resolutions



2015-O01-F      authorizing the issuance of bonds (removed from the agenda)

2015-O02-F       authorizing the issuance of bonds

2015-O03-L&R   transmitting zoning text amendments to Planning Commission for review and recommendation

2015-O04 - L&R amending the employee handbook

2015-O05-L&R   amending Chapter 1315 of the Greenhills Codified Ordinances

2015-O06-L&R   adding Chapter 377: Golf Carts to the Greenhills Codified Ordinances

2015-O07-L&R   amending the Greenhills Zoning Code

2015-O08-F       amending the Greenhills Tax Code

2015-O09-L&R   amending the Greenhills Employee Handbook

2015-O10-S&S   modifying Greenhills Code Section 939

2015-O11-L&R   adopting a supplement to the codified ordinances



2015-R01-F      Awarding property and liability insurance to USI Insurance Services

2015-R02-CD    Authorizing the sale of 30 Chalmers Lane

2015-R03-F      Approving the 2015 Annual Appropriation

2015-R04-F      Confirming budgetary level of control

2015-R05-F      Requesting tax advances from the County Auditor

2015-R06-F      Authorizing an agreement with Sure Shot for mowing services

2015-R07-CD    Authorizing the sale of 5 Drummond

2015-R08-CD    Authorizing the sale of 6 & 10 Falcon

2015-R09-F      Amending an agreement with Suggs Properties, Inc.

2015-R10-F      Authorizing an option to continue the existing contract with Rumpke through Feb 2016

2015-R11-F      Authorizing an agreement with the Ohio Attorney General for collections

2015-R12-F      Declaring surplus property

2015-R13-TS    Authorizing the signing of the Fire Mutual Aid agreement

2015-R14-F      Supplemental appropriation

2015-R15-F      Requesting information for a tax levy renewal (Recreation)

2015-R16-T&S  Authorizing participation in the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force

2015-R17-F       Requesting information for a tax levy renewal (revised request)

2015-R18-F       Supplemental appropriations

2015-R19-S&S   Authorizing an agreement with Hamilton County for Municipal Road Funds

2015-R20-F       Accepting the 2016 Tax Budget

        Exhibit for tax budget

2015-R21-F       Declaring it necessary to levy a tax (Renewal of the Recreation Levy)

2015-R22-S&S  Authorizing the purchase of a 2015 F550 truck

2015-R23-S&S  Authorizing the purchase of snow plow equipment, etc. for the F550

2015-R24-S&S  Authorizing an agreement with Eastman & Smith regarding SWORRE consortium

2015-R25-S&S  Authorizing assessments for grass cutting and other code violations

2015-R26-F       Making supplemental appropriations

2015-R27-CD    Authorizing the sale of 74 Drummond Street

2015-R28-TS    Adopting Mayor's Court Rules

2015-R29-LR    Authorizing a contract with Wood & Lamping

2015-R30-LR    Authorizing the hiring of a prosecutor for Mayor's Court

2015-R31-F      Accepting the Amounts and Tax Rates from Hamilton County

2015-R32-F      Making supplemental appropriations

2015-R33-F      Adjusting wages when necessary to meet minimum wage requirements

2015-R34-F      Setting compensation for Part Time Police Officers

2015-R35-LR    Setting hours for Halloween

2015-R36-F      Authorizing a contract with Evans for the drainage & rainwater project

2015-R37-CD    Authorizing the sale of 59/61 Drummond

2015-R38-F      Approving a new fee schedule


2015-R39-CD    Approving the continuation of natural gas aggregation with IGS


2015-R40-F      Re-appointing the Municipal Manager

2015-41-         Tabled

2015-R42-F     Authorizing an agreement with GCWW for billing services

2015-R43-S&S Authorizing agreement with Rumpke for waste and recycling services

2015-R44-L&R  Establishing a pre-planning policy for use of municipal facilities and events

2015-R45-F      Authorizing assessments on certain properties

2015-R46-F      Renewing health care coverage with Anthem

2015-R47-F      Final Appropriation for 2015


2015-R48-F      Authorizing transfer to the golf course

2015-R49-F     2016 Appropriation

2015-R50-F    Awarding 2016 to USI Insurance

2015-R51-F    Approving wage increases

2015-R52-F    Authorizing an agreement with Suggs Properties for consulting services




Thank you for your interest in Greenhills! Did you know Greenhills is one of three federally planned and constructed greenbelt communities in the nation? Developed by the government in the 1930’s, the purpose of the federal greenbelt project was to supply jobs and to offer an escape from the congested inner city neighborhoods through the construction of a small town with plenty of park-like areas surrounded by a greenbelt. Greenhills still provides that peaceful respite!  Of the three greenbelt communities, Greenhills is the only one that has maintained its greenbelt, giving its residents and businesses a very unique setting.

The oldest portion of Greenhills – which includes the Village Center which is also our business district – was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, and in 2016 was designated a NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK.  The designation was based on the community’s planning and development.  The original “garden city” plan remains intact: curving streets, walking paths that all lead to the Village Center, and the encircling greenbelt.






Whether you are going to locate a business in Greenhills or remodel/renovate/repair your current space in Greenhills, always start by obtaining a Certificate of Zoning Compliance. All uses of property within Greenhills require approval of the Village of Greenhills. Completing and submitting the application of a Certificate of Zoning Compliance (available by clicking here) gives the Village the opportunity to review your plan and point you towards your next steps.



All construction activity to enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system requires a Building Permit.

Will you need to make any changes to the space you want to occupy?

If the answer is YES, you will need to complete the Building Permit application form and submit it with the appropriate attachments to Greenhills. The application is available by clicking here.

If the answer is NO, you need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  To do this you will need to complete a Building Permit application and submit it to Greenhills along with a sketch of the floor plan indicating how the space will be used, the size of the rooms, the location of exit doors, etc.  After submittal and review, an inspection will be done by both the Building Department and the Fire Department to verify that no serious hazards are present and all like safety devices (fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, exit signs and fire suppression systems, etc.) are properly functioning.





Temporary signs may only be erected after approval by the Village and for a limited period of time. To obtain approval, complete this Zoning Compliance application and provide a sketch of the proposed temporary signage. Identify the length of time the temporary signage is needed, not to exceed 30 days.


A business may put up a sign not more than 2 feet in height, on or over a show window or door of a store or business establishment, announcing without display or elaboration, only the name of the proprietor and the nature of the business.


Every commercial, business, industrial or institutional use located in a Non-Residential Zoning District may erect and maintain upon the structure of the building or portion of a building in which such use is maintained, either illuminated or non-illuminated signs. Only signs that identify or advertise the use located within the business’ space are permitted.

All wall signs must be 3-D channel letters and, if illuminated, be backlit or internally illuminated.

Wall signs may be attached to the exterior walls or other vertical surfaces of such buildings but may not extend beyond the parapet of such building provided further that the face of such signs shall be parallel to the face of the building. All bracing and support structures for signs visible from a street or residence shall be decorative or covered.

The total wall sign area on each building shall not exceed ten (10) percent of the building face.

No portion of a sign can project more than fourteen (14) inches beyond the face of the building, nor extend beyond the end of the building face.

Roof mounted signs are strictly prohibited.


There may be times when individual sites and/or businesses may present unique characteristics that could best be developed through the application of an alternative sign which departs from the channel letter requirement.  In such cases, the Municipal Manager can choose to send an alternative sign design to the Planning Commission for approval. If a business is interested in an alternative sign, please contact the Greenhills Municipal Manager’s office at 513-825-2100 to discuss your ideas for the sign and the approval process.   

TRANSPARENCY REQUIRED                         

Window and door signs should be kept to a minimum. The Greenhills Zoning Code requires there be a minimum of 50% transparency (transparent window and doors) for all facades.

 See Chapter 1149: Sign Regulations.



All properties within the Village Center are accessible from Winton Road, a major north/south vehicular artery that provides direct access to Interstate 275 which is located 4.2 miles to the north and State Route 126 (Ronald Reagan Highway) approximately three (3) miles to the south.

Traffic count = more than 30,000 cars, daily

The streets and parking areas surrounding the Greenhills Shopping Center (with the exception of some parking located right up to the building in the rear of the shopping center) are owned and maintained by the Village of Greenhills. 

The speed limit around the shopping center is 25 MPH, with the exception of Eswin Street between Endicott and Enfield.  In this section of Eswin the speed limit is 15 MPH.

Parking is limited to 2 hours, with the exception of parking in the rear of the Shopping Center which has a 12 hour limit.

Greenhills is served by Queen City Metro. There is a Park & Ride located behind the Shopping Center.

The Greenhills Commons is a beautiful public space and is not intended for any business operations.

Operating any portion of your business outside your leased space is prohibited unless you have applied for and received a conditional use permit from the Village of Greenhills.

Outside storage of any kind is prohibited.

Outdoor sales may occur for a limited time IF approved in advance by Greenhills.

Business fronts must have a minimum of 50% transparency (transparent windows and doors). 

Dumpsters should be kept within a 3-sided enclosure.

The public right-of-way should always be kept clear.  Do not place signage, plantings, or other items, or conduct private business on the right of way. 



Important Numbers:



Greenhills Zoning Department                     #825-2100

Greenhills Building Department                   #745-0370 

Hamilton County Public Health District         #946-7800

(For issues that threaten health, such as food, housing, landfills, plumbing, sewage, private water septic systems, solid waste, etc.) 

Gtr. Cincinnati Water Works                       #591-7700

Duke Energy                                   #1-800-544-6900       

Metropolitan Sewer District                        #352-4900

Greenhills Administrative Office                  #825-2100

Greenhills Police Dept.                              #825-2101






Greenhills is pleased to offer tax incentives to encourage private investment in the Village. The Community Reinvestment Area program is intended to promote revitalization by offering property tax exemptions for any increased property valuation that result from renovation of existing structures or new construction activities within the designated area.


Greenhills has 2 reinvestment area: 

The boundaries of the first CRA mirror – for the most part -- the Village’s historic district. It also includes the American Legion building and the former Johnny’s Toys building. Click here to view the map for CRA #1. A specific list of addresses included in CRA #1 can be viewed by clicking here.

The boundaries of the second CRA include Damon, Dayspring, Deerhill and industrial property located along Sharon Road. Click here to view the map for CRA #2.  A specific list of addresses included in CRA #2 can be viewed by clicking here. 

In either Area, if you are contemplating a residential project, you can view the exemption application by clicking here.

For both reinvestment areas, the percentage of the exempted amount and the term of the exemptions vary according to the type of investment, as indicated below:

1)75% tax exemption for 10 years for the remodeling of a residential structure containing not more than 2 housing units when the cost of remodeling is at least $2,500

2)75% tax exemption for 12 years for the remodeling of a residential structure containing not more than 3 housing units when the cost of remodeling is at least $5,000

3)75% tax exemption for 15 years for new construction of a building containing not more than 3 housing units

4)Up to a 75% tax exemption for up to 12 years, as negotiated on a case-by-case basis in advance of the project moving forward, for commercial remodeling projects and for residential remodeling projects involving more than 3 housing units

5)Up to a 75% tax exemption for up to 15 years, as negotiated on a case-by-case basis in advance of the project moving forward, for new construction of commercial facilities or residential projects involving more than 3 housing units



Tree Care Awards Program

The Greenhills Tree Advisory Board would like to recognize and reward individuals, groups or businesses who take the initiative to preserve existing trees or plant new trees in the Village. The Board will accept letters of nomination for projects that include tree preservation, tree planting, environmentally sound site planning, or educate the public about trees. 

          Examples of possible nominations include:

  • Careful repair/replacement of sidewalk to protect tree roots
  • Regular professional pruning a trees
  • Planting of a substantial number of new trees
  • Incorporating a new landscape plan that includes the careful selection and planting of trees

Nominations are accepted year-round. Please click here to download the information.


Heritage Tree Program

The Greenhills Tree Advisory Board has developed a program to recognize,  appreciate and inspire awareness of the contribution trees make to Greenhills.  Before its development, Greenhills was farmland that had to be cleared and replanted. We want to increase public awareness of the significance and importance of our trees.

Many of the trees you see today were planted during the community’s development in the 1930s. Trees are part of the Village’s heritage.  There are many wonderful species thriving in the community – this is a wonderful way to recognize and nurture them for future generations.

To encourage public participation in the identification and perpetuation of heritage trees, the Tree Board invites residents to nominate trees that they believe are: of exceptional size, form or rarity, or horticultural value; or a tree of exceptional age, and/or associated with or contributing to a historic structure or district or with a noted person or historic event; or one which is a prominent identifying feature of the community. The Heritage Tree designation may be applied to a tree or grove of trees.

Anyone may nominate a tree or trees, but the person who owns the land on which the tree stands must consent to the nomination.  To be considered for Heritage Tree status, a nomination for the tree must be submitted to the Greenhills Tree Advisory Board.  If the nomination is favorably considered and the owner is in agreement, the tree will be designated as a Heritage Tree. Once approved, a certificate will be issued to the owner of the tree.  It is hoped that by recognizing the tree, the owner will be encouraged to preserve the tree.

To view the application materials, click here.

To view the Heritage Tree Register, click here. 


Memorial Tree Program

Greenhills offers a Memorial tree Program to honor or commemorate those who are special to us. 

For details, click here.

To view a list of potential planting sites, click here.

To view a map of the potential planting sites, click here.



Greenhills now has in place a new law requiring property owners to remove trees that are dead, diseased or otherwise a danger to the public.  The Village's certified arborist will evaluate trees and determine if remedial action is needed. If the Arborist determines the tree is, indeed, a danger to the public, the property owner will receive notice to remove the tree within a certain period of time. If the tree is not removed, the Village may take the tree down and charge the cost back to the property as a tax lien. 

The requirement is aimed solely at public safety.  If a tree is dead, but does not constitute a public hazard the Village will still inform the owner that they may want to take some action to avoid injury to themselves or to their property.  

If you are concerned about a tree, for your convenience a publication prepared by the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, can be viewed by clicking here


Official tree of Greenhills - the Overcup Oak

The giant Overcup Oak is the official tree of the Village of Greenhills. Though located in various parts of the Village, an impressive stand of the Overcup can be seen along Bradnor. How will you know it is an Overcup?  The top of the acorn comes down the sides of the acorn - almost to the bottom creating the "overcup." The Overcup is typically planted to improve wildlife habitat. Many animals eat the acorns including ducks, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, squirrels, and small rodents.

The Overcup is also planted as an ornamental.  The trees can withstand a variety of soil conditions and are tolerant to droughts and the cold.

Official Greenhills Bird  - The Pileated Woodpecker

You will find this large woodpecker in great numbers around Winton Woods and our Greenbelt. You will hear them drilling rectangular holes in trees to find carpenter ants.  These excavations can be so broad and deep that they can cause small trees to break in half.  These holes then create shelter for other birds, such as swifts, owls, and bats.

The Pileated will visit backyard feeders for suet.  They will also eat wild fruits and nuts in the woods.

The Pileated Woodpecker prefers large trees for nesting.  In young forests, it will use any large trees remaining from before the forest was cut.  Because these trees are larger than the rest of the forest, they present a lightning hazard to the nesting birds.  

The oldest known Pileated Woodpecker was 12 years 11 months old.



Did you know that honeysuckle is just one of the most invasive plants in our area?  Now joining honeysuckle as a very invasive plant is the Tree of Heaven, also known a the Sumac.  Click here for a picture and information about this plant.  

Greenhills, Ohio is a municipal corporation governed by a Charter,with a “Mayor-Council-Manager” form of government.


The Mayor presides at meetings of Council.  All legislative power is vested in the Council, except as otherwise provided by the Village Charter and the Constitution of the State of Ohio.



Elected Officials: 


Mayor                                                              Term End Date


David Moore                                                      12/31/21


Council Members                                            Term End Date
Jeff Halter                                                          12/31/19

Melanie Hermes                                                12/31/21

Jack Lee                                                             12/31/21

Natashia Metz                                                    12/31/19

Jennifer Osmanoglu                                           12/31/21

Maria Waltherr-Willard                                     12/31/19





(Effective October 22, 2019)



Community Development

Recreation/Cable TV

Jeff Halter, Chair

Natashia Metz, Chair

Natashia Metz, Vice Chair

Jeff Halter, Vice Chair




Streets & Service

Jack Lee, Chair

Jennifer Osmanoglu, Chair

Jennifer Osmanoglu, Vice Chair

Jack Lee, Vice Chair



Gov. Affairs/L&R


Maria Waltherr, Chair

Melanie Hermes, Chair

Melanie Hermes, Vice Chair

Maria Waltherr, Vice Chair

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