There has been a renewed interest and surge in the number of residents wanting to keep chickens on their property. Greenhills Code Section 1125.03 outlines the regulations for urban agriculture – which includes chickens.  They include the following:

  1. You must submit a Zoning Certificate Application to our office (available on our website) along with plans / drawings for any cages, coops or enclosures. All agricultural structures must be set back 20 feet from the property line and can be located in the rear yard only.
  2. No roosters, geese, turkeys or predatory birds are permitted.
  3. Small animals for agricultural purposes must be kept only in conditions that limit odors, noise and the attraction of insects and rodents so as not to cause a nuisance or health hazards to occupants of nearby buildings or properties.
  4. Chickens cannot roam the neighborhood! Chickens and other birds should have access to an outdoor enclosure adequately fenced or otherwise bounded to contain the birds on the property and to prevent access by predators and providing 10 sq. ft. of area for each bird.
  5. All animals shall be provided with a covered, predator-proof coop, cage or shelter that is ventilated and of sufficient size to permit free movement.
  6. Total area of coops, cages, beehives or shelters shall not be greater than 100 sq. ft. or exceed 15 feet in height.



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