In the event of a TORNADO WARNING:

When the Civil Defense sirens sound, take shelter:

• In a home or business with a basement: A basement provides very good shelter. Select an area away from windows and near an outer wall.

• In a home or business without a basement: Seek shelter in an inner room, on the lowest level, away from windows and under sturdy furniture.

• In an apartment: Go to the lowest floor, away from windows. Take shelter in an interior room under heavy furniture. DO'S AND DON'T'S

• DO select the best area in your home for shelter BEFORE an emergency.

• DO know where the public shelter is.

• DO know what to bring to the shelter.

• DO cooperate with officials -- they are trying to help everyone.

• DON'T use the telephone -- leave lines available for emergency use.

• DON'T stand by windows -- flying debris is dangerous.

• DON'T stand outside and watch -- flying debris is dangerous.

• DON'T touch downed electrical wires.

It is recommended that you purchase a Weather Alert Radio.

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