The federal government’s original 1937 plan for Greenhills called for a Town Park (or “Public Park” on some plans) on the acreage that has been utilized for the Greenhills Golf Course.  That original plan will now become a reality as the Village moves forward with the conceptual design you can view by clicking here.

The concept was developed by Todd Wales of Vivian Llambi & Associates. Wales is a landscape architect and it just so happens he has local roots and a familiarity with the property.  He was asked to develop a plan that 1) would take advantage of the natural beauty and terrain of the site, and 2) would be an amenity for all of Greenhills. 

The result was an exciting concept that creates a walking system with both a short and long loop winding around the picturesque property and all accessible by wheelchair.  The pathways will connect the east side of Greenhills to the Village center. The concept calls for a pond, natural prairie habitat surrounded by lawns, overlook points, a “natural” amphitheater (also part of the original plan), community gardens, pickleball courts and more!  Click here to see photos of proposed amenities.

The 2019 golf season at the course ended October 31st.  Special memories and nostalgic moments no doubt exist for Greenhills residents who have played, or worked at, the golf course over the years.  Given the fact there have been numerous failed efforts in the past few decades to attract more users to the course, due in part to competition from the number of golf courses in the area, continuing the golf course vs. the expense to do so just doesn’t make sense.

Some of the relevant golf course data that led the Village back to the original plan is provided below.

Implementation of the concept plan will start right away and will occur in phases.  Watch for more details as the plan unfolds!




Membership Figures:            2011    2012    2013    2014    2015    2016    2017    2018    2019

                                                  13      14       31         29         29         23       25           16       10


                    2007      2008      2009      2010      2011       2012      2013      2014     2015      2016      2017     2018

Revenue    33,956     28,090   24,477   18,652     15,905     18,187     23,519   15,810    16,745   15,182      7,544    7,824

Expenses   63,660     63,621   81,754   63,945    39,577      28,391     33,209   42,556    32,000   32,000     29,671   29,640

Loss*         29,704     35,531   57,277   45,293    23,672      10,204       9,690   26,746     15,255   16,818     22,127  21,816

  • Losses are made up by transferring money from the General Fund to the Golf account.

Interesting notes:

In 2006, “Friends of the Greenhills Golf Course” met to talk about ways to promote the golf course.  Thirteen years later, the golf course had not improved. See article.

In 2013, the Village was approached and provided with a three-year, $83,711.00 (plus expenses) proposal from a resident golf professional to run the Course. We entered into this contract anticipating that the multi-year projections would be met and the Course would become profitable. This local professional tried Groupon, Golf Now, First Tee, etc., but with no real success. This individual did not renew the contract.



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