The federal government’s original 1937 plan for Greenhills called for a Town Park (or “Public Park” on some plans) on the acreage that has been utilized for the Greenhills Golf Course.  That original plan will become a reality as the Village moves forward with the conceptual design you can view by clicking here.

The concept was developed by Todd Wales of Vivian Llambi & Associates. Wales is a landscape architect and it just so happens he has local roots and a familiarity with the property.  He was asked to develop a plan that 1) would take advantage of the natural beauty and terrain of the site, and 2) would be an amenity for all of Greenhills. 

The result was an exciting concept that creates a walking system with both a short and long loop winding around the picturesque property and all accessible by wheelchair.  The pathways will connect the east side of Greenhills to the Village center. The concept calls for a pond, natural prairie habitat surrounded by lawns, overlook points, a “natural” amphitheater (also part of the original plan), community gardens, and more!  Click here to see photos of proposed amenities.

Implementation of the concept plan will start right away and will occur in phases over the next few years.  Watch for more details as the plan unfolds!


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